Mercy can tell you that routine is what keeps you grounded when no day looks the same. As a flight attendant, she has to look and feel her best at 38,000 feet. Turbulences, passenger needs, and dry, recycled air aren't the only things she has to contend with, though. When you spend your days jetting from city to city, finding peace feels next to impossible!

Arriving at a new hotel means wanting nothing more than to shower off the day and hit the sheets. Mercys' nighttime routine became her refuge when no day, or night, looked the same. When she couldn't find bonnets that took care of both her hair and her soul in luxury, she decided to create her own. Queen of the Night was born out of the desire to give you a nighttime routine you deserve.

At Queen of the Night, we believe that your nighttime routine is all about you. You are a queen. This is your time to feel sexy, peaceful, and in your power. Every queen deserves little moments of luxury sprinkled into her day. You deserve to feel your best. We know your natural hair is your crowning glory, and it deserves to be treated with care.
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